Jon Martinez is a Certified Anat Baniel Method (ABM) NeuroMovement® Practitioner. He has completed all of Anat Baniel's Mastery Programs - Children with Special Needs, Anti-Aging, and High Performers. Jon continues to refine his touch by studying the works of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, his Amherst training, and his Functional Integration lessons with children. In this way he has gained insight into both masterminds of the methodology. In addition, he has immersed himself in advanced trainings conducted by movement teachers from around the globe.

Jon has a full-time, private practice in Tucson, Arizona and is known for his transformational work with children of all abilities. He also travels internationally to help children with special needs when time permits.

Jon began his journey with the Anat Baniel Method to help his own special needs daughter, diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Seeing her walk independently at the age of six and a half, with the help of ABM, inspires him to see the possibilities with all children. He feels that educating the parents about the process and helping them provide a learning environment at home is critical. Jon has had the privilege of helping children overcome all odds and reach milestones - rolling, sitting, crawling, talking, standing, and walking. Jon is committed to helping each child reach their fullest potential with the help of the Anat Baniel Method.



ABM (Anat Baniel Method℠) NeuroMovement® helps people improve the way they move, think, and feel. While there are many methods that try to accomplish this, ABM stands out as unique in how we go about achieving these goals.

Very often I have clients come in and they were told their problem exists because “this muscle is weak,” “that muscle is tight,” they have “bad posture” or a “weak core.” They are given exercises to try to strengthen and/or stretches to try to loosen those specific muscles. Others are told to stand correctly or hold themselves in a certain posture because it’s the “right” way to do it. Typically, the emphasis is on strength and flexibility as a means to improve the body.

However with ABM, we understand that while the problem might manifest itself in the muscles, the solution lies in the brain. We use a NeuroMovement® approach that utilizes the science of brain plasticity. Through movement and touch we access the brain and give it the opportunity to learn new skills and discover new possibilities. ABM practitioners provide the optimal conditions for the brain to perceive finer and more subtle differences. The result is a faster, more skillful, and better learning brain.

ABM works in a holistic way and takes into account all aspects of the person. We start with where the person is at, look at what is working, and guide our students through a process of learning with ease, comfort, and safety. As the student’s movements get well organized and the quality improves, they become more flexible, feel stronger, and notice positive shifts in their overall well-being. They find they have more energy and vitality, less pain, and feel their body in a whole new way!