It is healthier to learn than to be a patient or even be cured. Life is a process not a thing. And, processes go well if there are many ways to influence them. We need more ways to do what we want than the one we know—even if it is a good one in itself.
— Moshe Feldenkrais

our brain has the ability to change

At any age we have the ability to learn new skills, create new patterns, and discover new solutions. However habits, injuries, stress, and our own thinking get in the way of this process being fully utilized. As a NeuroMovement® practitioner, I have people come to me for a number of different reasons. It could be an athlete wanting to perform at a higher level, another seeking to manage their pain, or one looking to recover from injury. My goal is to help you become a better learner and an active student in your own healing process. This process begins with an Anat Baniel Method lesson tailored to your specific needs. At the core of each lesson is what Anat Baniel herself calls the Nine Essentials. These are the requirements the brain needs in order to grow and do its job well. I would like to share with you how these are utilized in a lesson so you know better what to expect.

When you come into my office for a lesson expect to be greeted with enthusiasm, I hope you find it to be contagious. Very quickly you will come to appreciate the benefits of movement with attention. This way of moving is not automatic but is a higher quality of moving that requires attention to the self. I will direct your attention to different aspects of your movement and help you identify what is and is not working for you. The movements will be done slowly because slow gets the brains attention. By slowing you down, it will give you the time to really sense and feel what and how you do things. You will explore many variations of movement that will flood your brain with new and relevant information. This will result in you finding easier and more optimal ways of moving. Subtlety in a lesson will call upon your brain to wake up, get interested, and start perceiving finer differences. So you may notice that while my touch is gentle, the changes will be profound.

In a lesson, I will help you replace force with skill and we will work together to develop your awareness. As your awareness improves, your brain will begin putting order in the disorder and making sense out of the nonsense. We will work with flexible goals in mind rather than fixed goals. This will help reduce anxiety, relieve pressure, and allow you opportunity to make mistakes along the path to improvement. Next, we will tap into your dreams and imagination which is often lost in the hustle of life. I may have you imagine a difficult movement to be easy, graceful, and elegant and in time you will be able do it as such. I will help you use your imagination to amplify your creativity, thus leading you to find new solutions to your current limitations. All these essentials mentioned above will turn on your learning switch and you will begin to find that the novel in your life becomes interesting again.


As a NeuroMovement® practitioner,

I have tools to help shift the trajectory of your life from down to up, connect more fully your brain to your body, and remind you of what it feels like to be well again. I look forward to sharing these tools with you soon.



“When I came to Jon I was dealing with chronic head, neck, and shoulder pain. I had been going to the chiropractor for months with partial results. After just four lessons with Jon, and doing ABM lessons on my own in between, I had never felt better! I was learning how to move without hurting myself. 

It has been almost a year since my lessons with Jon and I still feel great from them. The results last! Jon is a patient and enthusiastic instructor. His passion and belief in ABM is contagious!”


“ABM lessons with Jon reduce my mental clutter, allowing me to effectively manage my demanding schedule. Not only do I find my movements more graceful, but my mind is more flexible. Thank you!”


“Madison shaved 28 seconds off her mile. She took first in every event today. Thanks, awesome lesson!”


“Thanks Jon! My back feels so much better! I can continue working as a nurse.”




• Reduce pain and recover from injury

• Improve breathing and posture

• Renew creativity and vitality

• Manage your stress better

• Increase mental clarity and focus

• Reach new levels of performance

• Feel strong and flexible again